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Who we are, what we do
  Shenzhen SNB technology Co.,LTD(trade mark: SNB) is in the business of transmitting CCTV video over un-shield twisted pair wire via structured cabling net-works. It is our mission to enable our customers to connect cameras and control/recording equipment via transmission methods that provide the highest video quality and system reliability, even under adverse conditions. We allow our customers to fully utilize their currently installed legacy analog equipment or switch to IP as needed via bridged structured cabling networks that are robust and future proof for any application eventuality.
SNB…It is all about providing choices
  SNB’s goal is to provide customer choice. Choice about the use of UTP over coax or fiber; choice to use existing high quality analog cameras over expensive and low performing IP cameras. SNB provides products that allow our customers a choice on how to migrate to structured cabling and IP. We want to educate our customers on how they can use their current analog equipment, connect it via UTP structured cabling and migrate to IP if they so choose on their own schedule and within their own budget constraints.
  The SNB Power-Video-Data (PVD) product range allows customers to power cameras at a distance and providing cable saving connections for video and control. All current SNB products utilize a UTP based structured cabling infrastructure to provide organized cable management and future proof application choice to the customer.
On the horizon
  SNB is experiencing substantial growth on a global basis, not only in mature markets like North America, but also in UK, EU, Latin America and Asia. We have established SNB UTP based video solutions as a reliable CCTV transmission choice. We are very excited to develop quality products for our customers and provide cost effective and future proof solutions to the global market.

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